mothercare cot bed mattress cover Mothercare cot bed mattress cover

Winning gold in our Safety Product award category this year, our panel of mum testers loved everything about this mattress - from how comfy their babies seemed to find it, to the removable cover which made washing easy. The springs themselves are also tough and long lasting, making this mattress an excellent investment. There is a wipeable, waterproof layer to prevent the contamination and deterioration of the mattress' spring and foam core.

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  • Would you recommend this to other mums? Since using this cot mattress, I have worried so much less about my baby sleeping soundly because the airflow pockets make such a difference.

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    My baby has a tendency to roll and sleep on her front which makes me worry, but the air pockets reassure me that she can still breathe. The material feels very soft, even with the sheet on top and having a removable cover makes washing easy, in case she has been sick after her bottle. How did this product make your life easier?

    If it is, stop using it and take it to your nearest store for a refund. They can be washed at 60 degrees which is the optimal temperature to kill dust mites and bacteria that may cause or worsen allergies.

    I am now over the moon to be able to lay my little girl down to sleep every night. I worry less and she sleeps better, win win! Would you choose this product to win? I have only ever used one other cot mattress so I don't have a great deal to compare it to, but I love how this is designed. It looks lovely and is very comfy.

    I have already recommended it to other new and expectant mum friends because my little girl is sleeping considerably better. What changes would you make to this product?

    I cannot think of anything that I would like to change about this product, it seems very durable, safe and clean. I think this mattress is great value for money the firm nature of the material gives me peace of mind when baby is sleeping, as it reduces the risk of SIDS.

    The washable cover is so useful and it also wipes clean which will be great as baby gets older. This product has air flow technology, which reassures me, as it means that I do not have to worry about my baby overheating as it regulates his temperature.

    It also has a removable cover which is machine washable and baby can still sleep on the mattress whilst the cover is in the wash! I would choose this product over others as it has air flow technology which reduces the risk of bacteria building up, and it has a washable cover. I think it is good value for money considering all the benefits. This mattress is amazing! I think it is too expensive though.

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  • The main reason that I would recommend this mattress is due to the fact that it can be washed at 60 degrees, killing bacteria and dust mites. My baby girl slept well so I have now swapped her to this mattress permanently.

    The mattress is fairly light, which made it easy to handle and move around when fitting my baby's sheets. Also, it was so easy to clean and I knew that all the bacteria would be gone because I washed it at such a high temperature.

    The cool max technology is innovative and I do feel it helped by baby girl to sleep comfortably - in particularly during warm weather. I do think this mattress should be a strong contender in the safety category because of the cool max technology and breathable cover which claims to prevent overheating. Overheating is reported to be a huge factor linked to SIDS, therefore any product that minimises overheating is a huge tick for any parent.

    The product is fairly expensive for a baby's mattress but I do think the genius technology makes it worthy of my money! Yes, it's extremely useful to have the ability to wash the outer cover, this makes me feel that her bedding is more hygienic. It's a snug, secure fit in my baby's cot which is ideal and there are plenty of cot bed sheets available on the market to suit. I would certainly recommend this mattress as my daughter slept soundly, with minimal tossing and turning through the night which allowed for me to have a sounder sleep too!

    It's a fabulous product which has allowed my baby to sleep soundly since the first use.

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  • I especially appreciate the zip off cover which allows me to wash it well. I will certainly continue to use this mattress, I am astounded by how effective it is. This mattress ensures a cool sleeping experience for my baby and is also the perfect level of firmness.

    mothercare cot bed mattress cover Mothercare cot bed mattress cover

    My baby doesn't sleep as well on a softer mattress. The quality of the fabric and overall structure is high and I can easily keep it clean too! In the most important way of all - it helps my baby to sleep well! The airflow design of the mattress meant that my baby remained cool all night, which was particularly important during hot weather. The fabric is also fairly wipe-clean, and if that doesn't work it can be removed and washed.

    This mattress should absolutely win. While there are other mattresses that are cheaper, this is fantastic value for money. Nothing, I love it. Suitable for a cot bed requiring a 70xcm mattress Author:



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