single cot bed price in india Single cot bed price in india
single cot bed price in india Single cot bed price in india

How will I be able to pull the trundle bed out? The wheels mechanism attached at the base of the trundle bed helps in the easy pullout and in of the bed. Which wood do you use when applying black finish? While applying black finish the base composition of wood is Mango as Sheesham with its grainy natural structure application of a different finish would not look very fine.

It is not always a good idea to fit in a double bed in rooms with confined space.

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  • Our online collection of wooden single bed is the ideal choice for styling up your spare living space and to make it ready for use.

    So, ensure yourself a private place for sleeping in the form of our comfortable single beds which are available in multiple style to help you make a desirable choice. Latest Wooden Single Beds Online in Interesting Collection Our single bed online collection is strong, unique, comfortable and has a variety of options for the buyers.

    While the city stores have very limited designs of single beds, we offer a wide range from which you can also customize further if the need be.

    single cot bed price in india Single cot bed price in india

    Terrific designs, styles and choice of wood make the bed a sumptuous package of comfort and luxury which you will not be able to resist. Made in a variety of designs and back styles, you can find solid wood single beds online in various finishes. You can choose single bed with storage and create extra space for keeping things of utility or you may simply go for a bed without storage for single rooms of your home.

    The tastes of grown up children are unique and so are our modern single beds, which are made available to you at one of the most versatile places to buy furniture for bedrooms. Our Arista single bed with storage in walnut finish is surely going to excite your loving angels; so will our latest Dwayne Bed in teak finish.

    Shop online with us the best quality single beds which your children will cherish sleeping on, together as well as alone. Our single bed world has something to offer to all. Our bed collection is suitable for all budgets. Available in both dark and light as well as dual tones, you can pick the bed according to your home decor style. Whether you are single or a family guy, you can perk up the look of your bedroom with our designer beds meant for all.

    If you are looking for a bed for kids bedroom, then our range of kids beds and bunk beds will be the best for them. Now switch to our online furniture store for buying single beds and enjoy the convenience of free shipping and installation by experts.

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  • We not just create beds or tables out of solid wood, we also create an experience! Call us now or chat with our experts, pick the best single bed online of your choice and get it delivered to the chosen place and time completely as per your comfort.

    Explore our collection of bedroom furniture like wardrobes , bedside table , breakfast tables , wall shelves, chest of drawers , dressing table and many more at our online furniture shopping store India.

    A bed sheet transforms the look of a bedroom in a beautiful way. With our mosquito nets availed in different shapes and sizes, you can easy avoid these deadly diseases and stay peacefully. If you wish to secure your family against vector-borne diseases, in that case, visit Paytm Mall and try out our new products at lowest prices in India.

    Also get Interior Design Consultation from Us! Customer Stories They love us because One thing I liked the most about this bed is the sufficient storage space and drawers with easy to pull out mechanism. I was in need of additional storage space to keep my blankets, and other bedding stuff and Gary bed have provided me with sufficient space. Satisfied with the quality of the product. Thank You, Team Wooden Street!!

    It works wonders for me. The whole structure is very strong and I have no complaints with it whatsoever. Overall, its the appropriate single bed for my small bedroom, with its design and ergonomics being perfect for someone like me. But that's not all, the ergonomics, the build quality, the angle of the headboard, everything is just perfect.

    You can just slump on it and read for hours. I have kept it in the hall. It has a very eye appealing touch. It's beautiful and perfect in every manner.

    Constructed from quality E-1 grade engineered wood, our furniture meets all European safety standards for children. Sorry, personalisation is currently unavailable. A beautiful bed sheet can magically transform the look of your room.

    The width and length is appropriate. The mahogany finish has made it look classy beyond the description. I thank you Wooden Street for thinking of this marvellous piece of furniture. I feel its worth the price.

    It has a proper storage space which is available in shape of a drawer. I am glad to have it. Its worth the price.

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    The honey finish has made it look appealing and graceful. I thank you Wooden street for this superb and classy looking single bed.

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  • I do happen to have a bookshelf, but I'm also lazy, and having books right in the headboard of my bed is the best thing, ever. In this regard, Arista has been the best furniture purchase for my room. Great for solo night readers too, as the headboard provides that straight-back support much needed while sitting. They add such a nice flair to it that it becomes hard not to admire it. The flowing lines of the legs merge seamlessly with the headboard, as if it were carved out of a single block of wood.



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