single bed cot price in bangalore Single bed cot price in bangalore

Just put paper or hay or some soft cloth while wrapping bed, then tie the items firmly, Then wrap with cement plastic white color bag. Some root are busy so it will take time.

single bed cot price in bangalore Single bed cot price in bangalore

I was lucky as my root is having daily train and i was parceling from starting to last stop of the train so it was easy and smooth and quick too. Railway never keep your good in the parcel room , if train is free and space there they will send ASAP. Here you have to pay some money so that they will take the bed to weight machine.

It is better to give some money to these coolie , it will process the goods faster. Then take the Parcel form from the counter fill address and name and cell number. The counter person will guide you what to fill where to fill. Here you have to give the form to this man.

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  • The concern person will weight and measure the item Length , height and width. He will write the Length , height and width in the parcel form also he will write the cost amount depends on the the Length , height and width and weight of the bed. Parcel team knows only the exact price after valuation form the weight and length , height and width of the bed items.

    Once the person will complete the measuring and writing the Length , height and width and weight in the parcel form then go to the parcel counter to pay the money. Give him Xerox copy of identity proof with parcel form. Then give him the parcel money. The counter person will give you invoice copy for the money paid. Go to the person who earlier measures your goods. This is necessary that he should put numbers on the package or items to be parceled.

    Be must present at the time of arrival of the goods or bed at destination train. Or parcel department will charge money for each day keeping goods. Some charge table there for it. In my case i paid 29 rupees for 24 hrs extra day keeping the bed Kg. There too you have to write the address and cell number in registrar then the coolie will ask you bribe, Sir have done hard work and brought this bed from this platform to here give us something for our hard work.

    So choose according to you requirements from available options. Single Bed Cot sizes: Our list goes on!

    Bargain then pay some money for their hard work. Pickup truck will be available near parcel department so make use of it. But bargain the rate with Truck driver then take the goods to your home. I paid the person Rupees to these two people for lifting. I purchased half kg rassi around paid 45 rupees. Then the next day i called two person who did excellent packaging and unfolding my bed. Then tied individually each items with perfect packaging. There i paid Rupees to these two person for packaging.

    Then next day i took the bed to parcel department. Truck driver helped me to put the items in the truck. I paid the Rupees to truck driver. When i reached the parcel department one person asked me what is inside i told old bed then he went away. Then the coolie came to near truck then after seeing some time they asked me what is there inside.

    I told it is bed and mattress. We are 10 coolie so we will take Rupees to load inside the train.

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  • I bargained after some time they agreed with Rupees. The i brought the parcel form from the counter. Then Filled form it as required by myself. Then they took to the weight machine there one person did the document for measuring the Length , height and width and weight of the bed. Wrote everything measuring the Length , height and width and weight of the bed on the parcel form by that person.

    There i got to know it was kg total. Then i paid Rs to one of the coolie as bribe for bring the items to measuring machine plus loading the items next day in the train. Then i took the form to the counter there the counter person asked me Identity Xerox copy with Rupees for kg weight bed plus mattress etc.

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  • Then i showed to the person he then wrote a number on the parcel package. Then again i paid this person Rs but the coolie told me to pay him 50 Rs.

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    But as i do not have change i paid Rs bribe who did the weighting of my bed. The person told me it will be delivered next day. Next day i came to verify it has been loaded in the train. Reached Bangalore then went to station. Parcel department near i got the truck bargained with Rs to take it home. He was asking for Rs. I agreed with Rs. Then went inside the parcel department then some paper work did. Handover the invoice copy to incharge there.

    Like address and phone number wrote in a register then the person told me to take the item from the coolie. Here i paid 29 Rs additional as the goods one day before i reach at Bangalore station.

    So for 24 hrs keeping the bed they charged me 29 Rupees. They give me a parcel pass there. Then the coolie told me he did all hard work to bring the item from 7 number platform to here luggage room so give some money i bargained then paid Rs to coolie. Then loaded all the 13 items in the truck outside the parcel department. The coolie loaded all by themselves. I brought the bed to my home in Bangalore.

    Do you know how much the movers and packers charge for the delivery from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore for two double bed. I got the quote from 9 movers packers ranges 22k to 12 k. Write your further enquiry to my mail id kaveeeer gmail.



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