cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

Unfortunately, they are also quite vulnerable due to their air-filled nature. But as frustrating as a leaky mattress might be, fixing it is often easier than you think. If you find that the air loss is abnormally fast, then there could be a problem.

According to my friend Gretchen Ruben, author of the Happiness Project, making your bed neatly and tightly every day can actually increase your overall happiness. Cover the mattress with a sheet, add a pillow and a blanket. A mattress on the floor or ever two couch cushions works great and means you can keep your packing minimal!

Step I — Inflate mattress fully to test for leaks. Step II — Check the air valve and around the inlets. Hold your hand over the valve and try to feel or listen for any escaping air. Step III — Check the entire sleeping surface. Make sure the mattress if fully inflated for better results. Slowly move your ear across the entire surface, top, bottom, and sides of the mattress and listen for thin, hissing sounds.

Step IV — If the leak is too small, it might be impossible to hear it. In this case, you can use a sponge and soapy water to search for leaks. Gently wipe down the entire surface of your air bed and look for signs of bubbles that indicate air loss. Wipe away with clean sponge when done. This will allow you to spot it easily when the air bed is deflated. After marking, deflate the mattress with a pump and prepare it for stage 2.

cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

If you used the soapy water method, pat the mattress with a towel and dry it in the sun for a couple of hours. Fixing hole with patch kit Sometimes, manufacturers include fixing kits with their air beds to make things more convenient. These kits contain sandpaper, glue, and patches for tents, air beds and tyres.

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Step I — Sand and clean area near hole. Using sandpaper, lightly sand out the soft coating until you only have plastic surrounding the leak. Clean out the area around using soapy water or alcohol and dry it completely.

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  • Step II — Cut a patch roughly 1. Depending on your patch, you can either apply it like stickers or apply special glue as directed by the manufacturer. After that, you can lay a flat, heavy object to keep the pressure on. Let the glue dry up for 3 hours before you inflate the air bed. Step IV — Inflate the air bed and check the repaired area for leaks.

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  • Simply place your ear near and listen for the familiar hissing sounds. Sleep normally and check the air levels in the morning to make sure there air is not escaping anymore. However, keep in mid that some of these repairs will void your warranty. First off, duct tape can be an effective but temporary fix.

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  • However, the glue in the tape will eventually dry out and fall off. You can also use glue and a thin malleable piece of plastic such as a tarp or shower curtain. But never use hot glue to fix a hole since it will most likely melt the air mattress and enlarge the hole.



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