baby cot with adjustable side Baby cot with adjustable side
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  • Preparing the Base, Legs, Sides and Rails. Wood First of all a word about the wood - I used a pine spruce wood which I could buy in various sizes and two thicknesses, 2.

    size 400 cot bed mattress dimensions

    I decided to use this because it is a good priced, soft wood which makes it easy to work with. Some raw pieces I bought, such as the base and sides were already cut to the size I needed or needed very simple size adjustment. Other pieces like the legs and rails needed to be cut to size, shaped and prepared from larger pieces.

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  • Also in the name of safety I kept the number of screws down to a minimum, only 16 in total. Brushes for the paint and Lacquer Cloths for wiping up paint drips and a clean damp cloth for wiping surfaces after sanding.

    Any of these items could cause your baby to suffocate. A mattress that fits snugly in the crib.

    Main Parts and Dimensions The dimensions of the various parts are as follows in cm; part quantities in [ ]: Base Support Front and Rear Depth 1. Legs [4] - H x Gate Vertical Rails [4] - 55 H x 3. When I was happy with the dimensions of the shape I used a band saw to cut out the shape as accurately and carefully as possible. Safety always comes first!

    baby cot with adjustable side Baby cot with adjustable side

    Isanded the whole leg with the hand sander and grade paper until I was happy with the shape and finish. I then placed the finished leg on top of another blank, held it in place with a clamp and then traced around the shape with a pencil.

    baby cot with adjustable side Baby cot with adjustable side

    I did the same with the other two blanks and then cut all three to shape using the band saw, again being as accurate and careful as possible. I then put all four legs together so that they were all aligned with the straight back edge and used two clamps to hold them all together firmly. Instead, put a piece of wood in between the clamp and each leg you are going to clamp.

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  • Now using the hand sander I sanded the three legs until they matched the exact same shape as the first one. Now I have 4 legs all the same size and shape Since this is a baby bed we don't want any sharp edges or corners at all wherever possible. Next, I sanded all four legs with the grade sandpaper until they had a nice smooth and even finish all over and then painted them with 3 coats of the non-toxic, child compatible paint white.

    Your child should not be able to adjust or loosen the latches. Wood is not pure wood and not solid, the gauge of metal is thinner and thinner, all in the name of environmental sustainability. I have had a drop side crib for 35 years, raised my two children, my sister then raised her two children, my friends and family have utilized this same crib, and now my four grandchildren, and not one problem.

    Cutting and Sanding the Frame and Other Parts: I cut all pieces to size using a circular table saw and then sanded them using a hand sander grade sand paper.

    Since all of the wood was already finished with a reasonably smooth sanded surface out of the shop I only had to sand with one grade of sand paper for a good finish. If you use really raw wood you will have to consider sanding with grades 80, and of sandpaper which will take more time and effort.



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